One who wears Multiple Hats: Meet Arvind aka Sales Superstar aka Super dancer aka Cricket Champ

Arvind is working as Team Lead, Sales in Faridabad office. He is a trailblazer and always full of bright ideas that are put to use for generating leads and henceforth, more revenue for the process. He is working with Global Growth since 2014.

We asked Arvind a few questions about his work and more. Here is what he has to say:

What does your job entail?

I started as a Sr. Sales Executive with Global Growth and after excelling as Sr. Sales Executive, I was promoted as an SME and soon after that, I was promoted to a team leader Sales position. I am looking after hiring, training, coaching, mentoring as well as managing daily closures for the sales agents to help them convert their and achieve their targets. I have been contributing towards sales closures.

I have always tried to be a key contributor in constantly increasing the revenue for my team and our process. I am proud to say that in August 2019, we have broken all our previous sales records by achieving a milestone of all-time highest sales revenue in a month.

What do you think of the work environment at Global Growth?

We have a flat hierarchy at Global Growth which makes me feel that my opinions matter. Everyone talks openly to each other, which creates a great working atmosphere. Already in the time I have been here, I have had the opportunity to experience many different roles and grow tremendously.

Life at Global Growth is never boring – I participate in almost all the official events. I have performed Group and Solo Dance performance for continuous 3 years in annual fest.

Since It’s a high-pressure environment day in and day out in the sales world, such activities in between refresh our minds and inspire to work harder and more efficiently.

Things you like to do:

  • Cricket! I play cricket for 3-4 hours every weekend. Recently, a match was also organized between our Sales and Production team and we convincingly won it.
  • Animal care is my passion. I get a different kind of pleasure in feeding animals. I keep taking initiatives to protect animals. A few days back, there was a dog outside our office premises who was suffering from skin disease, so I called the dog rescue helpline number for the treatment. I have also done many things in the past that demonstrate my passion for animal protection and welfare.
  • I like reading Bhagavad Gita (the great devotional book of Hinduism) as it strengthens intelligence, gives me the peace of mind and satisfaction of soul.

I like volunteering. Being able to say I changed something in the world, in the lives of others, gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I keep donating my old clothes and books to Goonj, an NGO (disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 23 states across India).

Kudos to Arvind for wearing multiple hats. We would like to thank you for all your contributions to our business’s growth.