Global Growth hosted a week long Digital Literacy Campaign

Digital Literacy program saw some exciting responses from the attendees!

Global Growth hosted a week long Digital Literacy Campaign to help our support staff gets hands on it and make their lives simpler!

With content divided into seven modules on basic digital usability, it was delivered by our own colleagues to our support staff. One session in each facility was conducted all through the week. Post the sessions, an assessment was conducted over the knowledge gained by the support staff in these sessions. Global Growth then issued a certificate of successful completion post the assessment.

When asked about what they learnt, Jacob replied, “I learnt what is different between mobile, tablet and laptop usage. I also learnt how to send emails, downloading music and how to use Google search to find solutions to things I don’t know. I also learnt how to make folders on computer.”

Tulika from HR said she felt really nice about delivering this informational session to the support staff. “It was a learning experience for me as well and helped me fulfil my long pending desire of teaching. It was good to see that the audience was receptive and curious to know more. They complimented us for teaching them and they are looking forward for more,” she said.