5 Reasons why you should or shouldn’t be at Global Growth

Interested in being an Elian? I would like to believe you have pretty much done your homework on how we function and what our culture is. Here’s to give you a perspective into what it’s really like being an Elian.

1. We think like a startup still:

Yes, we are big now, some thousands employee base and growing by leaps and bounds year on year across three continents. But, we still like to see ourselves as a start up and function with the same passion as we did when we started from a small office in Sector 16, Faridabad. Now, it is about big fancy offices in multiple cities, nevertheless, the spirit remains intact. It still means meeting tight deadlines and putting the last bet on being available for a movie with friends. We are about doing bigger things and believe in prioritizing and doing what matters more in the long run.

2. Do you know fighting the tides?

Back in November 2014, I was handed over marketing communications, I felt it was Friday, the 13th. From hard core business development to driving the entire B2B and B2C for a business – the internal job shifts can really make you fight the tides and swim out successfully. Here, our concepts are clear. It is about the survival of the fittest. You’ll need to push your limits and challenge yourself at each step. Wow! I have never swum better than this and I am awed by how I have surprised myself. Can you stay persistent and push on to come out with flying colours?

3. We love the restlessness!

Delayed projects, not meeting the deadlines should sound like an alarming bell. Does that disturb you?

We are a passionate lot with gigantic goals ahead of us. We like to set BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and fight by the inch to steer clear through them. In the urgent v/s important metrics, we focus more on important so that there’s nothing urgent on our platter. We work restlessly to make the ends meet and that’s the first thing you’ll hear from anybody about working at Global Growth.

4. Friends for Life!

EGA is about slogging hard while working and having fun on the way. The friends that you find here, you shall cherish for life. You will build long-lasting friendships with some truly amazing people. In 14 offices, spread across three continents at present, the folks you interact with will make it all the more fun. We know we need to add more countries to the map and grow by leaps and bounds and every time we make a mark, it feels out of this world!

5. We like you for being what you are!

At Global Growth, one of the many things we celebrate is diversity. What each one of us brings along as a set of values, learning, skill set and culture is what we value the most! We do not believe in excess baggage and believe in cutting the crap! So, no matter which college you attended or not attended at all, it’s all about who you are as way more important than anything else. You could be a finance graduate helping in sales, or you could be an engineer with an inborn interest in managing balance sheets. Prove us the passion that drives you to do a job you wish to do, we promise we’ll do away with the backgrounders.

This is our not-so-subtle way to tell you we are hiring. We need some absolutely amazing talent to join our group of businesses under Global Growth umbrella and help us take our next big leap. It is not a regular job and comes with its set of challenges and excitement. But, if the above highlighters excite, we’ll be more than happy to connect with you. Visit our Career Page to see where you fit well and apply!